Bible Adventures & Activities

Bible Adventures & Activities
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How do we pass on faith to our children, a faith which becomes integrated into their daily lives?

  Introduce your children to the meaningful Bible stories contained within Bible Adventures and Activities, capturing their imagination and inspiring them for a lifetime. This is a great, affordable resource for parents and teachers alike. As a hybrid book comprising Bible stories and activities, your child or student can connect faith to everyday life.

     Starting with God's creation and ending with Jesus' resurrection, each Bible story alternates with a corresponding set of activities to reinforce learning. The stories are written in an age-appropriate, easy-to-understand language. Colorful illustrations that are historically and culturally accurate accompany the text and activities for each story, providing helpful visual aids.

  Activities include naming the creatures that God made, completing jigsaw puzzles of the Roman officer who had faith in Jesus, solving Moses' maze to the promise land, finding Bible characters in a word search, and unscrambling letters revealing what God has given David. By engaging in these stimulating activities, your child will be attentively focusing on the Bible stories while building creative and critical thinking skills.

  Complete with a solutions manual, kids can participate in their own learning experience as they set out on the adventures of the Bible!

Features & Benefits:

  • A fun and unique gift
  • Puzzles
  • Word games
  • Tricky quizzes
  • Ideal for primary grades
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